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21/05/2021 Manor


You may have already seen Bianca at W1, but if not, get yourself booked into one of her sessions ASAP! Here’s an intro to Bianca…

What’s your fitness background?
I originally was a dancer and did that for 10+ years. When I moved to London I was introduced to functional fitness and weight training. For the last 5 years I’ve focused on weight training, gymnastics and functional fitness.

How did you get introduced to MANOR?
The first time I ever came across MANOR was at lululemon sweat life. I was there coaching RowingWOD and happened across YARDWORK. Ever since I’ve kept an eye on the gym and its growth. YARDWORK was the first thing I ever experienced with MANOR and it’s stuck with me since.

What can MANOR members expect from you?
I am always up for a joke or two but when it comes to my group sessions, I have gained quite the reputation for being quite drill sergeant. I am a big believer in quality over quantity, so I’ll always have my eye on technique.

Three words to describe your style of coaching?
If I’d describe my coaching style it would be; direct, precise and upbeat.

Who or what keeps you motivated?
I am very motivated by the people I train with. I am on a competitive program with a few other girls and all of us have our strong points so it’s always drives you to be better.

What’s your favourite cheat meal?
I don’t eat cheat meals. I am not particular on my diet so I tend to just eat what I want when I want.

What’s the craziest challenge you’ve ever endured?
The worst challenge I have ever done was the rogue 50kcal assault bike challenge. That’s the only time I have ever thrown up from a workout.

Song of the moment?
Spice – Go Down Deh

North, south, east or west?

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