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06/04/2021 Manor


The ELEVATE project is an ongoing cycle of weekly habits and practices designed to upgrade every aspect of our health and wellbeing – improving our outlook on life, relationships and physical and mental performance. Each week we meet as a group to not only support and uplift each other but to hold ourselves accountable in order to keep us striving toward our goals and enhance our health. It won’t be an easy road, but if you commit and immerse yourself, we guarantee you will feel the benefits beyond a good workout at MANOR.

Want in? Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Please join the MANOR on demand Facebook group by clicking here
  • Please buy or have a dedicated notebook ready (this is where you’ll be journaling and making notes)
  • Think about anything you want to give up, take up or striving toward and how we can hold you accountable toward achieving it!
  • Get yourself booked into a Sunday Service session to start the momentum for the week ahead 🙂

How it’s going to work:

  • Daily checklist (on request). Complete your daily checklist via the TrueCoach app.
  • Monday 12.00: Weekly goal setting session. Set your intentions for the week, share and declare! Weekly Zoom link here.
  • Thursday 17.00: Book club. Weekly review and sharing of key learnings and how we have applied them in ‘real life’. Weekly Zoom link here.
  • Friday 06.45: Breathwork & affirmations. Elevate your state and focus your mind with this weekly 15 minute workshop. WeeklyZoom link here.
  • Access to MOD. Live Zoom sessions alongside in facility sessions as we resume group training.
  • Ongoing support Join our supportive WhatsApp Elevate group here

This programme is to build strength from within and give us certainty, through times of uncertainty. To give us hope through times of adversity and ensure we can thrive and not just survive.

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