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MANOR Sessions

The Sessions at MANOR are small-group and coach-led, where you’ll learn the tried and tested principles of effective, sustainable training.

The training principles, systems and techniques used during the sessions are explained by our coaches so you’ll understand what you are doing, why you are doing it, and most importantly, how to do it.

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Our programmed Strength and Conditioning sessions are built around the 3 pillars of performance training : Strength, Stamina and Power.

These sessions will help you become stronger, faster and more flexible whilst remaining injury free..


Build a good foundation for compound lifts, functional strength and develop muscle.


Cardiovascular work of varying lengths to enhance aerobic endurance and build aerobic power.


Functional strength based intervals including explosive blocks of metabolic work to build conditioning and athletic performance.


Technical strength work for competition. Emphasis on the types of movements that appear in individual, pair and team events.

Our Boxing sessions aren’t inspired by nightclubs but by the sweet science itself. If you want real boxing training with real boxing coaches these sessions will help improve co-ordination, speed and agility, endurance core strength as well as develop an athletes mind-set and focus.


Coached bag work, aiming to improve boxing technique and fitness. Some floor work and conditioning thrown in for good measure. 45 minute session.

'12 Rounds'

12 x 3 minute rounds alternating between bag work and conditioning. Once the clock starts, the work doesn’t stop. 45 minute session.


For those keen to enhance their boxing skills. Spend some 1-2-1 time with one of our expert coaches for a session that will focus on the fundamentals and raise your game.

Designed to help optimise your body’s range of motion and promote active recovery, so you can sustain your training schedule, injury free.


Available only on demand. To help mobilise joints and to promote full range of motion. This is ideal before a training session or as active recovery on your day off.


Available only on demand. To stretch your muscles and aid recovery, helping you remain injury free. Great post session or as active recovery on your day off.

MANOR builds bodies. MCP tests minds.

MCP training can be done in isolation, but it can also compliment regular MANOR training sessions, two-sides of the same coin.


Push, pull, carry throw, hold, big awkward objects to build true functional strength. It’s about lifting heavy awkward objects (like those you encounter in life) and getting them from A to B – whether that is from the ground to overhead, or from one end of the room to the other. Grunt work is the shit you don’t do in your conventional gym, sled work, kegs, logs, sandbags, sledge hammers, tyres, etc.

MCP Only


What’s the first thing you do when you build a house, lay the ground works, so it’s built on a solid foundation. This session is designed to lay the foundations of skill work, dynamic movements, uni-lateral work, stability, speed, power and intention. You will build a solid base with no imbalances throughout the body. This session is built on creating a complete athlete, so you can go into all the other sessions confident you have a solid balanced base to build on.

MCP Only


There are 3 energy systems in the human body and all 3 will get worked, tested and built in this structured conditioning session. They match modalities like sprinting, intervals, distance and tempo training with equipment such as assault bikes, assault runners, ski-ergs and their 30m track. You can expect massive improvements in cardio vascular fitness. Use this session to prep for events like a tough mudder, triathlons, 5 or 10km runs, competitive competitions, and team sports.

MCP Only

Strength Work

A session that focuses on the 4 biggest compound lifts, SQUAT, BENCH, DEADLIFT, ROW. The session is built over a 5 week block using a modified version of 5,3,1. This session will allow you to develop maximum strength and give you a proper experience of powerlifting and strength training.

MCP Only


The unconventional met-con using aspects of gas tank and grunt work to build a session thats going to challenge you mentally as well as physically wether in a team or as an individual this session is all about giving your all!

MCP Only


Yardwork on the streets of london? turn up, strap yourself in and turn the the streets into your gym! We run the roads…

MCP Only


Show up, show heart and always finish strong on fridays….

MCP Only


The MANOR coaches are available for 1:1 personalised coaching, as well as Online Coaching and support. Our coaches will work with you to help you achieve your goals; body transformation, fat loss, strength and conditioning training, endurance, powerlifting, boxing, event specific training and post injury or post pregnancy training.


The MANOR TRAIN programme works in 8-week cycles with sessions that help you to become stronger, faster and more flexible whilst remaining injury free.


We test at the end of each training cycle. We measure your cardiovascular performance, strength with key lifts and conditioning with MANOR MIssions.


Once you’ve tested, we commence another 8 week training cycle, with the intention of improving technique, strength and fitness.

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