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How We Roll

How We Roll

MANOR Manners

At MANOR our vibe is a little different from a lot of gyms.

People who come to MANOR, come to train. We aren’t a beauty salon, a café or an edgy backdrop for your instastory. Our coaches are experts in training. They aren’t a maid service, a phone charger provider or your mum.

What we do, we do really well and that’s what you pay your membership for… not for lifestyle extras. Our values are at the heart of every MANOR so if any of the above (or below) is off putting, then training at MANOR probably isn’t for you and that’s Ok.

We’re not for everyone… But we are here for everybody.

MANOR Manners

Manor Manners

  • What happens if I’m late for my session?

    As a wise man once said ‘On time is late. Late is not acceptable. Only way to be here is early’.

    Please make sure you arrive 5/10 minutes before training starts to give yourself time to sign in, change and prep (ie. wrap your hands ready for BoxCon or Boxing).

    Out of consideration for the other people already training, respect for the coach, and most importantly for your own safety (injuries happen when people jump straight in having missed the warm up). If you are more than 5 minutes late for the session, you will not be allowed to join and no refund will be issued.

    If you are 5 minutes late expect burpees…

  • What’s your cancellation policy?

    We have a 12 hour cancellation policy, so you may change or cancel your booking for a session, without charge, up to 12 hours before the start of the session.

    If you are a MANOR member, we operate a 3 strike policy. 3 no shows or late cancels per calendar month and you will have your online booking ability suspended for the remainder of your billing month. You can still turn up for a session but a space won’t be guaranteed. If it’s fully booked – bad luck. If there are spaces available – you luck out.

    Once your billing month is up, you need to email us or drop in to get your online booking ability restored. 

  • Do you provide Towels?

    Yes, MANOR Members are allowed 1 free towel per session. Non members pay £1 per towel. No pay, no towel.


    Yes, we have showers and changing facilities at all MANORs.

    We’re not going to lie, some MANORs are slightly better equipped than others but this isn’t a beauty salon, it’s a gym.

  • Do I need any special kit for boxing?

    To take part in Boxcon or Boxing you MUST wear hand wraps or gel wraps to protect your hands.

    You can buy these at reception. Boxing gloves can be rented (£1) or bought at reception or online shop (buy £70).

    You must have your hands wrapped and ready for the start of your BoxCon or Boxing session. Arrive 5/10 minutes before the session starts to give yourself time to do this.


    All of our coaches can suggest modifications if you are injured or not able to do the programmed exercise.

    Rather than cause any disruption mid-session, we ask that you arrive 5 minutes before your session is due to start and chat to the coach. Please mention to them if you have any concerns regarding your fitness levels, capability, injuries – so they can keep an eye out for you and adapt your program where necessary.


    Wraps get sweaty, so we don’t rent them out. The good news is you can buy them from us (ask your coach or buy from our shop) or bring your own. FYI MANOR wraps cost £8 and gel wraps cost £10.

    Boxing gloves can be rented for your first few sessions (£1 a pop) however if you are intending to commit to our boxing training long term, we strongly advise that you invest in your own gloves. MANOR sells high quality gloves that are available to buy from our shop and reception £70.

  • If I’m Pregnant can I still do MANOR sessions?

    General rule of thumb is that you can continue with forms of exercise that you were doing prior to pregnancy however we strongly advise you consult with your physician before attending any manor sessions, especially those that involve high levels of plyometrics and exertion ie. FORCE.

    Please mention that you are pregnant to your coach at the start of the session, so they are aware and can adapt your program if necessary.

  • Do you ever do deals or packages?

    We do. Best thing to do is sign up for our newsletter and then you’ll be aware of all MANOR matters including new training sessions, timetable changes, events, and offers.

  • Do I have to become a member or can I drop in to MANOR?

    Let’s be honest – if you really want to see a difference you need to be training at least 2-3 times a week. And if you are doing that it works out cheaper to become a MANOR member. Please see our join page for more information on different membership costs – depending on your MANOR.

    That said, unless specified, most our sessions are open to Drop-In.

  • North or South London?

    We’re not doing this…

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