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14/05/2021 Manor


‘Prior preparation prevents poor performance’. If you don’t have a plan prepare to fail! It was good to see those who joined in on this week’s Monday goal setting set some firm measurable actions to support their intentions this week thanks to Charlie’s probing. So many of us seem committed to a destination but need reminding that we must take specific measurable action if we are to get there. If your plan is to ‘go to bed early’, ‘to exercise more’ or ‘eat less’ what does that actually mean in terms of actionable steps? Shout out to the Ox for reminding us all of the power of this!

Top tip – download the Notion app. Detail your goals and weekly actions to help up your productivity!

Book Club – Matthew Walker ‘Why We Sleep’.

It seems hectic modern living is wreaking havoc with our sleeping patterns, fortunately, the latest chunk of reading from this month’s book suggests we can do something about it. Instead of opting for sleeping tablets (which have an adverse effect on mortality over the long term), try and establish a healthy sleeping routine through going to bed and waking at the same time each day (including weekends), reduce your room temperature or open a window, reduce caffeine and alcohol intake. In addition, Dr Walker suggests practising mentally decelerating’ before bed – avoiding blue light or working late and perhaps journaling or clearing your busy mind by doing a mind dump and writing things down in a journal or piece of paper before going to bed.

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