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Meet Joe

Meet Joe
05/07/2021 Manor

Meet Joe

We feel like he’s been with us for years, Joe joined our Front of House team a few months ago and has fit right in. A songwriter who loves Jiu Jitsu and doing horrendous endurance events, there’s a lot more you can find out about Joe below!

What’s your background? 

My background is a weird hybrid between music, fitness and adventure! I’m a songwriter/producer that spends his early mornings grinding out mind numbing endurance routines, I spend my day writing tunes and helping artists communicate through lyrics and music and evenings on the Jiu Jitsu mats.

How did you get introduced to MANOR? 

My friend Hannah introduced me to the gym and asked whether I’d be interested in working here. I took one look around and knew I’d feel at home. It’s a family here.

What can MANOR members expect from you when they come through the doors? 

Hard work with no bullshit. But also a super supportive wolf pack of genuine athletes with an elite mindset.

Three words to describe you: 

Consistent. Creative. Unstoppable.

Who or what keeps you motivated? 

The amazing girls and guys I surround myself with helps my motivation stay sky high. It’s hard to not be motivated when everyone is giving it 1000%.

What’s your favourite cheat meal? 

I’ll honestly eat anything and have the time of my life.

What’s the craziest challenge you’ve ever endured? 

What’s the craziest challenge you’ve ever endured?

Do you have a daily mantra? 

Get up. The sun won’t wait for you.

Song of the moment? 

Ms. Lauryn Hill – Lost Ones

North, south, east or west? 

Whichever way has the best views!

Check out Joe on Instagram @joe_briscoe

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