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The future of wellness is being built

The future of wellness is being built
26/10/2021 Manor

When you wake up in the morning, you lay the foundations of your day with those first decisions you make.

Will you reach for your phone or get up?
What are you going to eat for breakfast?
When will you head to the gym? 

Similarly, whenever we look to create a new Manor, we know our success is going to be defined by those early choices.

What can we do with the space?
What type of equipment will we have?
How will it all be installed and arranged? 


Our beautiful, brutal sessions of guts and sweat can’t exist if we don’t get the initial cornerstones of the project perfect. Treating people to transformational, uplifting, empowering wellness experiences can’t happen without getting the experts in for the design, installation and fit-out. They take care of us so we can take care of our members. 

That’s why we bring in the team from Perium Fitness  – our permanent partners. They can work with any space, whether it’s a car park, an out-house or a spare room in an office. To the untrained eye it’s just emptiness, to them it has potential to be a wellness zone packed with the finest equipment.

Take a look at MCP, for example. That was a derelict, disused car park. Who would be crazy enough to envision it as a world-classing training facility? Our friends at Perium don’t just come up with the idea, they make it happen from start to finish. Having them cover the entire design, installation, and equipment was incredibly convenient. They took the weight off our shoulders so we could continue putting it on our members – no disruption to our diaries, simply business as usual while this masterpiece was being built. 


For us, the true future of wellness isn’t about posh venues with rows of pristine treadmills for Instagrammers. It’s about being smart with space, making the most of what you have and enjoying excellent sessions in unconventional ways.

We wouldn’t be publishing this post if we weren’t proud of our partnership with Perium Fitness. If you’re looking to bring something new, dynamic, empowering to your space, just get in touch with them and you’ll be in safe, slightly calloused hands.

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