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Testing Week

Testing Week
11/06/2021 Manor


It’s our ethos to prepare for whatever life may throw at us. Becoming a MANOR ATHLETE means requires developing an all-round game and striving for constant improvement. Our TRAIN programme cycles through 8-week training blocks where we develop different aspects of fitness, building competency in compound lifts and developing strength; whilst also upgrading our engine – building aerobic power and endurance.


At the end of every 8 -weeks we test three elements of your cardio game. First up is a challenging12-minute test for AEROBIC ENDURANCE – the body’s ability to sustain medium to high physical exercise for an extended period of time. Next up is a 3-minute test for AEROBIC POWER – the ability of the heart and lungs to use oxygen over a shorter effort and clear lactate from the muscles. Both tests are equally uncomfortable in their own way and definitely best attempted with others to shout and push you on for your maximal effort! For both tests simply record what piece of kit you used and how many calories you managed to rack up!

Last up is a test of MAXIMAL ANAEROBIC SPEED. This involves 3 all out efforts for 6-10 seconds in an attempt to generate maximal force, measured in WATTS. This is a great leveller, allowing you to compare your scores with others of a different body weight. Simply divide your highest recorded score by bodyweight in KG to calculate your WATTS PER KG score. Eg: 1250 watts Assualt Bike / 75kg = 16.66 watts per kg. Higher outputs against lower bodyweights make for greater scores and higher levels of fitness.


Over the course of any 8-week training cycle we aim to develop competency in a number of key compound lifts. These include front and back squats, bench press, overhead press, pull-ups and deadlifts. As well as packing on some muscle and changing the shape of your body VOLUME sessions also develop strength. We test for strength with 3RM and/or 5RM on these lifts. Take 12 minutes to gradually increase the load building to a set of 3 or 5 big lifts where you can do no more. Chin-ups and pull-ups are tested through max reps to failure with bodyweight or with an assisted coloured band. To record your score, scan our QR code, enter the name of the lift and add in the reps and weight lifted in KG’s.





In the absence of equipment and/or access to only a kettlebell or dumbbell we’ve devised a number of tests for STRENGTH ENDURANCE. This is the ability to perform multiple repetitions with lighter loads in a given time period. Testing for both programmes begins with an increasing EMOM burpee test which also tests your aerobic capabilities. Starting out with 8 burpees in the first minute add an additional burpee each minute until you can do no ore and record your score. Rest in any remaining time each minute once you have completed your reps.

Next up are a series of 2-minute efforts for max reps, resting for 2 minutes before moving on to the next test. To record your results simply scan the QR code and enter your reps against the tests performed.

Good luck!

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