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Sweat together to achieve more in the workplace

Sweat together to achieve more in the workplace
20/06/2021 Manor

Did you know that research shows sweating as a team lowers stress and boosts morale.

You’ve probably heard that couples who sweat together, stick together, well the same thing can apply to you workforce.

As an individual, exercise has a lot of benefits; it makes you healthier, it makes you fitter, it encourages better sleep and boosts endorphins, so imagine that times by 10 when doing it with your colleagues.

At MANOR we offer team workouts and would love to have you in so get in touch below to find out more.

Here’s three reasons to work out with your co-workers:

Your stress levels will be on the down low:

A number of studies have shown that exercising with people you know reduces stress by 26% and significantly improves quality of life, with those training as a team showing improved mental (12.6%), physical (24.8%) and emotional (26%) health. Those going it alone did not see their stress levels or quality of life change nearly much, so stop those solo workouts and grab your teammates.

Peers keep you accountable. 

You are far more likely to stick with a workout if you’ve got a group cheering you on. Being around your colleagues gives you a chance to work as a team in a new way and make new connections outside of the workplace, you might make a new training partner or just find you don’t want to let people down by missing the next session.

You’ll have more fun. 

Imagine walking into a gym on your own, it’s lonely, it’s boring, on the flipside, imagine walking into MCP with your colleagues, there’s a coach ready to train you, some excellent music and a session designed specially for you that you didn’t have to think about. It will be fun and your team will be working together whilst getting fit at the same time.

Fancy it? We’ve only got 3 complimentary team sweats left this month, so hit the contact us button below and let’s build your team up!

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