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29/05/2018 Manor

SE1 is done and not a bit dusty.

It’s been said that South Londoners are given a silver shovel at birth to make sure that they keep the river wide and our Manor SE1 team are fully on board with that. If you ever do set foot this side of the river, you’ll find our brand spanking new site complete with all the bells and whistles. Want to do a lift class? Sorted. Want to train outside? Sorted.

We’ve had all hands on deck for the last few weeks getting ready for a smooth opening and we’re happy to say it’s ready and waiting to be punched and pounded. Come down and say hello to our South London crew, head coach Matt Ryan Gill, Ben John, and Barry Mechen.

We’ll be banging out Giggs on the reg. keep it south. Innit.

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