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Roll on 2022!

Roll on 2022!
16/12/2021 Manor

MANORFAM, some updates for you for as we roll into 2022.

We all love Cheyne, and want to make his life a little easier and the FOH / member experience a little clearer.

From next year, we would like to encourage all members to use the MANOR front entrance for group sessions in both SW1 and MCP. All towels, merch and sign in’s will be at this desk. So if you finish a session in MCP and need a towel, head through to the front desk in SW1 and pick one up. Want to rep your MANOR? Same thing applies. This also goes for entering the facility!

YARDWORK with Lauren will be moved to 06:45am on Wednesdays and we will be adding a new YARDWORK to the schedule in the evening at 6pm with Will!

Saturday YARDWORK is going to be the main session of the weekend starting at 10.30am with the Yardfather. GRUNTWORK is having a break for a while at the weekend, but you can still throw some tyres around on Tuesday and Thursday evening.

ROADWORK is coming off the timetable until April, but don’t worry we’re pretty sure Lauren will add some weighted vests into YARDWORK every now and again.

You asked, we delivered – ALL SW1 studio sessions are moving to 07:15am. 07:30am was a little too late for you all to get to the office so we’ve moved things earlier!

BOXING sessions are now STARTING at 7am. So set those alarms and glove up!

FORCE on Monday morning in SE1 will now be one session at 7am! So make sure you book early to get your space.

LASTLY if you haven’t heard yet, we’ve launched a new session with Coach Flo at SE1 on Saturdays: GAME AF! Get competition ready and learn to Olympic lift whilst you’re at it.

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