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Programming W/C 22/02/21

Programming W/C 22/02/21
23/02/2021 Manor


Programming week commencing 22/02/21

Another 8 weeks down and we move into our second testing phase of 2021! For those of you that took part at the beginning of the year make sure you dig out your scores and let’s raise the bar and lay down some improved scores. Testing day is set for Monday, hopefully when you are at your most rested but feel free to move to a later date in the week if working under your own steam from the app.




An option on Monday to either follow along with the Limited Kit Force testing or complete the Force session beginning with an ascending ‘Chipper’! Complete 5 reps on 4 exercises including Cals on your cv kit of choice adding 5 reps/Cals on each consecutive round…. how far can you get within the time cap?


Monday’s session is dedicated to testing, beginning with an EMOM of increasing burpees. Starting at 8 burpees in minute 1 add an extra rep each subsequent minute until you can’t do anymore! Rest 2 minutes then move onto the following tests, each with a 2-minute timed effort then rest before moving onto the next test. Finishing intervals are Tabata 20 sec sprints with a 10 sec rest.

  • Butterfly sit ups
  • Goblet squat
  • Hand release push-up
  • Plank hold
  • Side plank L/R
  • Tall kneeling single arm press L/R

The second session of the week features a 21-15-9 rep challenge within a 12-minute time cap of burpee jump overs, s/a manmakers and kb swings. After a lower body intensive 10-minute AMRAP this week’s finishers are 20:10 Tabata’s.


Monday’s workout follows the same testing protocol subbing in pistol squats in place of single arm press test and bodyweight/air squats in place of goblet squats.

Thursday’s session kicks off with a 16-minute EMOM featuring everyone’s favourite – groiners! Work for 45 secs and rest for 15 alternating between 4 different moves. After completing the second block featuring more groiners and squats move onto this week’s 20:10 finishers.



For those following the in facility programming we test for either you 3 or 5 rep max. Take the 10 minutes to build up the weight aiming to record 1 heavy set for either 3 or 5 reps depending on how comfortable you feel with going heavy. Tuesday’s session tests FRONT SQUAT and STRICT OVERHEAD PRESS, whilst on Friday we test SUMO DEADLIFT then a 1 set test of max pullups. If you can’t do a pullup just yet, then add a coloured resistance band and record your reps taking note of which strength band you use. Both sessions include a finishing block of accessory exercises.


Reminder to log on to FB and refer to your user guide if you are unsure of any terminology and how to read and understand your workout.

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