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Meet Rhys

Meet Rhys
02/08/2021 Manor

Rhys has been a coach with us for just over year so we thought it best you get to know him a little better.

What’s your fitness background?

Played rugby a lot in my teens but had to stop due to injury. Now I mostly do strength training and dare I say a it, dabble in a bit of Crossfit.

How did you get introduced to MANOR? 

A friend told me to try out Yardwork (when it was literally just a car park), after that I started training at Manor SE1 and the rest is history.

What can MANOR members expect from you when they come through the doors? 

I have a laid back approach and always up for a laugh, but as soon as the timer starts be prepared to put in a shift. You will always be in my good books if you don’t take the easy option.

Who or what keeps you motivated? 

Sounds cliché but fitness is really what keeps me going everyday. The one thing that kept me sane during the lockdowns.

What’s your favourite cheat meal? 

Large Dominos Pizza (Create your own) : BBQ Sauce Base, Pepperoni, Tandoori chicken, Jalapenos, Mushrooms! Oh and Sainsbury’s Belgian Chocolate Chunk Cookies Taste Difference x4 (I will have the whole bag to myself 😅)

What’s the craziest challenge you’ve ever endured? 

Climbing up Mount Toubkal (4,167m) with a broken crampon and in extremely windy conditions. Super lucky to make it out on the other side.

Do you have a daily mantra? 

Work hard and play hard

Song of the moment? 

Genius of love – Tom Tom Club

North, south, east or west? 

South! Born and bred in South London, and currently living in Brighton

Favourite Coach at the Manor?

Matt and Lauren, both nurtured me as a member and massively influenced me to become a PT. Best decision I’ve ever made, I will forever be grateful to them.

Favourite session at Manor and why?

Capacity/Gas tank. In my opinion, there is no better feeling than sitting on the Assault Bike and smashing out intervals. The best way to build your aerobic capacity and test your mental toughness. If your lungs feel like they are bleeding and you are flat on the floor gasping for air, you did the session the right way.

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