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07/05/2021 Manor


You may have seen Hannah on the MCP front desk, checking you into sessions and making sure you are COVID free, well, she’s recently joined us and brings all the energy and smiles into the team. She’s taking things up to a new level at SW1 and has bought a great team with her!

What’s your fitness background?
I’m a singer/songwriter but have worked in the fitness industry for the past 5 years!

How did you get introduced to MANOR?
A friend of mine intro’d me to Charlie in a WhatsApp group called ‘Awesome Humans’, it’s safe to say my friend wasn’t wrong haha!

What can MANOR members expect from you?
A friendly smile

Three words to describe your style of coaching?
Bubbly, Warm and Goofy

Who or what keeps you motivated?
Nice people and good vibes all the way!

What’s your favourite cheat meal?
It has to be a Sunday roast with all the trimmings – nothing beats it!

What’s the craziest challenge you’ve ever endured?
Working a morning shift after a night out on the town… yep!

Do you have a daily mantra?
It’s nice to be nice.

North, south, east or west?
Saafff all the way!

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