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04/06/2021 Manor


You may have already seen George at MCP and W1, but if not, get yourself booked into one of his sessions ASAP for some big tunes and tough love.

What’s your fitness background?
My background is football but I’ve been a PT since 2002.

How did you get introduced to MANOR?
I know Ryan from teaching the strongman class at gymbox Farringdon.

What can MANOR members expect from you?
Tough love and big tunes and high vibes

Who or what keeps you motivated?
Winning keeps me motivated, competitions keep me sane.

What’s your favourite cheat meal?
I cheat every day and never diet. Dirty burgers and BBQ food for the win.

What’s the craziest challenge you’ve ever endured?
UTS 70km ULTRA 4000m elevation on a freak hot day in snowdon 11.30hrs.

What is your daily mantra?
My daily mantra is 3 fold:
–   I got myself into this mess so I’ll get myself out.
–   Most people would kill for my problems so quit whinging
–   If everyone is doing it stop and think!

Song of the moment?
I’ve gone back with my music to
Eminem and fast lane.

North, south, east or west?

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