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01/06/2022 Manor


May was another huge month for MBC as we kicked off our second white collar training camp and brought our first camp to a very successful end. The coaching team spent 8 weeks preparing 14 complete beginner boxers for one of the biggest challenges of there lives and on the night, they did not disappoint. Thank you to all the MBC members that turned up to enjoy an evening of boxing but more importantly support the fighters.

The MBC makeover is almost complete with new signage and Ringside bags going up around the space as well as brand new Ringside gloves and wraps being made available to all MBC members to purchase.

MBC also saw the arrival of new coach Irvin Magno. Irvin is an ex professional boxer with a wealth of experience and bags of energy. You can sign up to his Tuesday 12.30 pm 12 Rounds session on MBO now and if you see him around the gym, be sure to say hi.


Due to the success of the freestyle month in May, we arguing to continue delivering Bags & Skills as a freestyle session through June. The freestyle approach will give you an opportunity to sharpen up your already sharp skills and your coach the chance to give new members the opportunity to get up to speed on past skills.

Talks are ongoing for our next MBC fight camp/ workshop for MBC members. This one is sure to be bigger and better than the last so please keep your eyes peeled as a date is due to be released in the near future.


Balance, timing & distance control:

Master these 3 skills to improve your boxing skill set

Balance: All boxers must have a solid stance and remain balanced at all times to ensure they can move around the ring freely, move in and out of range as well as stay balanced when punches are coming your way.

Timing: The timing of a punch is crucial, generally speaking if your timing is good then you won’t need to put much power behind your shots as your technique and your ability to walk your opponent on to shots with perfect timing will do most of the damage for you. When you next use the bag try and focus on when you hit the bag and pick your shots rather than just letting your hands go and remember, take your feet in and out of range with you.

Distance control: Being able to measure distance is the third key skill any boxer should work hard at mastering whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro. Being able to control and measure the distance between you and your opponent will give you plenty of success when throwing punches as you should always find yourself in range to hit the target and just out of range to avoid being hit.

-Jay Revan


Boxer of the month for May: Tori Shepherd

Over the last 12 months, Tori has very rarely missed a session and has worked so hard to improve her boxing skillset to an unbelievable level. Her dedication to the sport, work rate and ability to lead the group and make everyone feel at ease week in week out never drops below 100%. Week deserved. Keep up the hard work champ!

-Jay Revan

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