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Manor Group Sessions

Manor Group Sessions
05/07/2021 Manor

What’s the difference between the group sessions available at MANOR and MCP?

We’ve got so many sessions on offer for you that it can sometimes be difficult to choose which one is best to book into. So here’s a quick guide of all the sessions on our timetable.


Our programmed Strength and Conditioning sessions are built around the 3 pillars of performance training: Strength, Stamina and Power. These sessions will help you become stronger, faster and more flexible whilst remaining injury free…

Sessions available at SW1, W1, EC1 and SE1.


Functional strength based intervals including explosive blocks of metabolic work to build conditioning and athletic performance. Expect DB snatches, squats, lunges and of course an assault bike thrown in here and there. 45 minute session.


Cardiovascular work on either a bike erg, assault bike, ski erg or rower, you will move through intervals of varying lengths to enhance aerobic endurance and build aerobic power. 45 minute session.


The brand new group session to drop on the timetable, expect higher repetition, lower load exercises, building good movement patterns and developing aerobic capacity. Calories on the machines plus some burpees, what’s not to like. 45 minute session.


Build a good foundation for compound lifts, functional strength and develop muscle. Learn to effectively back squat, deadlift or any of the other compound lifts in this smaller sessions where the focus is on technique and building muscle. 60 minute session.



Our Boxing sessions aren’t inspired by nightclubs but by the sweet science itself. If you want real boxing training with real boxing coaches these sessions will help improve co-ordination, speed and agility, endurance core strength as well as develop an athletes mind-set and focus.

Sessions available at SW1.


Coached bag work, aiming to improve boxing technique and fitness. Some floor work and conditioning thrown in for good measure. 45 minute session.


12 x 3 minute rounds alternating between bag work and conditioning. Once the clock starts, the work doesn’t stop. 45 minute session.



MANOR builds bodies. MCP tests minds.

MCP training can be done in isolation, but it can also compliment regular MANOR training sessions, two-sides of the same coin.

Sessions available in MCP at SW1.


The first sessions of its kind? There are 3 energy systems in the human body and all 3 will get worked, tested and built in this structured conditioning session. They match modalities like sprinting, intervals, distance and tempo training with equipment such as assault bikes, assault runners, ski-ergs and their 30m track. You can expect massive improvements in cardio vascular fitness. Use this session to prep for events like a tough mudder, triathlons, 5 or 10km runs, competitive competitions, and team sports. 60 minute session.


The basics: Push, pull, carry, hold and throw. Think heavy sled pushes, log clean & press, farmers walks and keg swings. The session is split into 5 giant sets (1 giant set = 5 different moves in a row). Build through the session to your working weights and lift as heavy you can for 5-8 reps! 60 minute session.


The notorious Yard Work sessions are a combo of the most challenging aspects of all the MCP sessions. Embrace the kaos and test your mental and physical limits. Why do we do it? Because it’s the only way to find out what we’re made of. 60 minute session.


Strength is our new hybrid session combining the best of powerlifting and accessory work. It focuses on building complete strength! The first part of the session focuses on one of the three main powerlifting moves (squat, bench, deadlift) and the second part works through complimentary exercises, such as single arm rows, hip thrusts, shoulder press etc. 60 minute session.



Born out of the darkness of MCP comes our signature end to the week. Not just a workout but a philosophy. As coaches we all train together every Friday to finish the week just as strong as we started it. Programmed by the Yardfather himself be prepared for the unexpected and dig deep to close out the week in style. 60 minute session.

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