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01/03/2022 Manor

The new and improved MBC (Manor Boxing Club) has been up and running since July 2020. Since the relaunch it has gone from strength to strength and has now grown into one of the strongest and most popular boxing clubs London has to offer. Back in May 2020 Charlie, Jay and Fintan sat down to discuss ideas for the new boxing offering at Manor. During these planning sessions they discussed session concept and design and spoke about the importance of boxing training for our community. After several trial runs and tweaks the coaches decided on the 3 sessions that would make up our boxing offering and agreed on 12ROUNDS, BAGS & SKILLS and TECHNICAL SPARRING. Each session was carefully designed and programmed to help our community get the best out of their boxing training and for our coaches to deliver an authentic style of boxing training that would mirror training styles all the way from amateur level boxing right the way through to training styles that are seen at the highest level of the sport. 

Over the last 8 months our boxing coaches have worked tirelessly to constantly challenge and improve our members fitness levels and boxing ability. Here’s what some of our members have had to say about MBC since the relaunch:

“Manor Boxing Club is an absolutely amazing place to pick up boxing. I have grown and improved so much since my first session, both mentally and physically. Shout out to the coaches – they are the real stars of the show! Incredibly passionate professionals who care about the progress of each and every member” – Timothy Chen

“Gaining strength and confidence with every class” – Amelie

“It’s been 3 years out of the ring since my white collar fight and I’ve been searching for a place that incorporates my love of boxing with mad training outside the ring. This is the place. Coaches who care and invest in your training are difficult to find these days in the plethora of class offerings. Thanks to all the manor boxing coaches for the programming. It’s all kicking off. Stay tuned” – Kay

“I’m not someone who likes to exercise, but here I am constantly learning, kept on my toes and able to have fun while working hard. The coaches create a fantastic environment and are incredibly patient whilst taking us step by step through the skills and techniques” – Quyen 

Head coach Jay has over 20 years experience in combat sports. Jay boxed as an amateur for the famous Birmingham City ABC for several years as a junior before making the transition over to MMA as a teenager. Jay has the experience both as an athlete and a coach and has a coaching style that will get the best out of any fighter whether a seasoned pro or a first timer. 


February 12th saw coaches Jay and Fintan lead our very first MBC workshop. They delivered a fight camp training morning to 12 of our members that included 3 training sessions all designed to challenge the mental and physical strength of our members and give our members an insight into the various different training sessions that a professional fighter would be put through during a fight camp. 

Session 1: Roadwork & hill sprints

Session 2: Boxing skills & bag work

Session 3: Strength & conditioning

The morning itself was a great success with our members working hard and really challenging themselves mentally and physically. Stay tuned for updates and announcements regarding our next MBC workshop.


Two phase attacks

In March our boxing coaches will be taking you through the two phase attack. The two phase attack allows you to attack and defend whilst staying on the front foot and pushing your opponent back. Coaches will show you how to throw two separate punch combinations on the front foot whilst staying in the pocket. Get ready to throw punches in bunches and increase your boxing IQ in Bags & Skills across the month of March. 


The jab is the most used punch in boxing. It helps to keep your opponent at bay, measure distance and allows you to set up power punches. When throwing the jab be sure to throw it with full extension of the arm and remember to keep your chin tucked away behind your shoulder. Avoid flaring your elbow (telegraphing) and make sure you throw the jab out in a straight line and return your jab hand straight back to the chin to avoid being caught with punches coming back at you from your opponent. – Jay Revan 

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