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Manor Boxing Club

Manor Boxing Club
01/04/2022 Manor


Last month was a big one for MBC as we kicked off our first ever external white collar fight camp. Over the next 8 weeks we will be taking 14 beginners and putting them through their paces both mentally and physically to prepare them for one of the biggest fights of their lives. As we receive more information on fight night and tickets we will be sure to let the ManorFam know so you can get behind them and support. March also saw MBC have a very small makeover and with plans to freshen the space up with new kit over the coming months its a really exciting time to be a part of the MBC. Dedicated ones, watch this space.


A new month means a new skill to focus on in our main session ‘Bags & Skills’. This month we will be taking you through the power punch and why these punches are so crucial when looking for that big knockout. Come prepared and ready to sit down on your shots and throw some big bombs. See you on the floor!


Staying loose & timing the tension

One key element of boxing that most beginners struggle with is staying loose & relaxed, when throwing a punch the focus should be on keeping a relaxed fist and only clenching the moment before the punch lands, constantly clenching or clenching too early is only going to tire out your arms & stiffen up the kinetic chain which is counterproductive for energy efficiency & punch power. – Fintan Wrafter


Boxer of the month for March was Sophie Tapper. Sophie has been absolutely smashing the boxing classes since first setting foot in Manor at the Women’s event. Her technique is improving every week and she always brings a smile, good energy and a big work ethic to sessions. Pleasure to have her as part of the squad! – Chloe Gibson 

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