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19/03/2021 Manor


Do you have some defined goals and actions, or do you need a bit of help bringing clarity to what you want? If so, then you might want to take a closer look at how visualisation could help.

Regular visualization helps to focus your mind on what you want. One of the problems many people face when aiming for goals is that they lose focus, becoming distracted by the goings on of life.

When you visualize on a regular basis, especially if you set aside some definite time each day, it focuses your mind. It trains you to hold your focus despite what else is going on.
Your brain doesn’t distinguish real from imaginary.

Research shows that if one person does something and another person visualizes doing the thing, the same brain areas are activated in both of them. And if they keep doing the thing or imagining doing the thing, their brain regions undergo actual physical changes (called neuroplasticity) to the same degree.

Many athletes practice visualisation to enhance their performance and bring about success. They mentally rehearse their event beforehand on a regular basis and focus on positive outcomes and winning, in turn training the brain to believe they have already achieved success.

How to visualise:

Create a vision board

Think of your goal, things you want to bring into your life or achieve. Find images that resonate and mean something to you and go to work building your vision board. Place it somewhere prominent as a daily reminder or create a digital one for your phone or laptop.

Make it part of your morning routine

Spend 10 mins at the start of each day visualising your success and goals as already complete. Find somewhere quiet where you are free of distraction.

Create affirmations

Affirmations are powerful ‘I am’ statements that help program your subconscious and empower you to take action.

Make visualisation a positive regular habit to support your goals… works!

Have a great week!

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