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Friends and Fam week

Friends and Fam week
14/05/2021 Manor

Friends and Fam Week

Oooh Friend!
To celebrate the reopening of our studios next week, we’re giving all members a FREE TRIAL for your mates to use.

Don’t be a flake!
With life starting to return back to some sort of normality it might be tempting to cancel the odd class at the last minute. Why not hold each other accountable and book into a session together? It’s been proven that if you train with a friend, you’re much more likely to attend the workout as no one likes a flaky mate!

Hard Graft & Good Vibes
One of the key elements to forming a habit is making it fun and one of the easiest ways to make fitness fun is to do it with others. Make your next workout a social occasion by inviting all your closest mates. The hard graft is guaranteed, you just need to bring the good vibes!

It’s always fun to beat your buddy
Let’s be honest, we love a little competition here and there! When it comes to fitness nothing beats seeing trying to beat your mate next to you to and in turn getting you to push that little bit harder!

Adapt and Evolve 
Desperate to share your love for Capacity but your partner in crime is a weights junkie and addicted to Volume? Sharing your workouts together is the perfect excuse to broaden your horizons and get you out of your comfort zones. You might not know what you’re missing out on.

Recover Together

As every avid gym-goer knows, recovery sessions are as important as the workouts. Once you’ve finished a workout out with your friend why not keep the vibes going and grab a lunch or post workout refuel together? (Feel free to grab a post FSF beer or two at the end of a hard week of graft – you’ve earnt them!)

To redeem, simply get them to register to our 7-day free trial here!

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