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19/04/2021 Manor


A great turnout to the first full week of the latest round of The Elevate Project began with weekly goal setting and intentions.

With the latest phase of the Governments roadmap to recovery starting this week – including of course the re-opening of gyms, it was agreed that most of us felt like it was the start of a new chapter and a chance to set some clear goals for the next 30 days.

Monday’s session helps us draw focus to the week ahead and importantly share with others to help speak our goals and objectives into reality and add accountability. In addition, we will NOW use Sunday as time to reflect on what we achieved over the week that’s just happened, where we fell short and importantly any learnings we can take and improve upon for the coming weeks. We can’t always have perfection, but we can always focus on progress! Please share a review of your goals on the WhatsApp group on Sunday if you have the time.

This month’s book is proving to be a fascinating, in-depth read! Chapter by chapter it’s proving the sleep plays such a crucial role in everything from brain development to drastically reducing the risk of serious illnesses. It was interesting to see just how challenging last week’s goal of limiting caffeine proved to be – and how dramatic an effect on improving our sleep it actually proved to have.

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Have a great week!

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