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07/05/2021 Manor


It was great to see a few of you join in on this week’s goal-setting, despite the Bank Holiday Monday! Shout out to Elevate and Manor member Ansonfor sharing his intention to get back into running and committing to his first run that afternoon, posting his Strava stats into our WhatsApp group later the same day. Great work!

They say we are the average of the people we spend the most time, add in to that the power of accountability and you’ll find yourself moving forward and hitting your goals!

This month’s read has proved a lot heavier going but nonetheless, we press on to part 4. For anyone (basically every one of us!), that wants to get lean it’s vital to not overlook getting in your 8 hours. Studies show that insulin sensitivity (the ability to process circulating blood glucose) is vastly impaired by poor sleep…. left unchecked this can lead to type 2 diabetes as well as greatly increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. The more we read the more it seems sleep is the trump card when it comes to all thing’s health and wellbeing.

Have a great week!

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