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5 ways to run a faster 5km from COACH Ben Gregz

5 ways to run a faster 5km from COACH Ben Gregz
16/08/2022 Manor

If you’re looking to get faster, these tips will help you do just that! Ben is an ex Welsh athlete who knows a thing or two about running, so lace up and try out some of these methods and watch your 5km time improve!

  1. Run more often – get a good base of running so that your body is actually used to it. Your muscles will get more efficient at the movement and your heart and lungs get stronger which means you can run quicker.
  2. Interval training – try 5 x 1km repeats with 3 mins rest. Run the 1km repeats at the desired 5km pace or slightly faster. Get your body used to running fast!
  3. Set yourself a goal – having something to aim for pushes you more. Tell yourself you want to do a 25 minute 5km, pick a date and get training.
  4. Get up those hills – hill sprints can improve leg strength, quicken your stride, develop cardiovascular system and make you a better runner all around. These will be tough but worth it for that faster time!
  5. Warm up – before you go and set that new 5km PB, do some mobility and light sprints so that your body is raring to go and not half asleep.

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